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Draft 1

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Final UT 2004

Draft 1 UT 2004

Situation of the elevators

Ideas behind the offices and the meeting place.

Barack Obama:
Barack Obama is the president of the USA, therefore he works on many confidential matters. I decided to design his office with a few forms of defence. When walking into the office there are thick columns strategically placed which you can not see beyond. I also included slit walls infront of his office desk. Either side of Barack Obama's desk i included to rooms. Obama will use these rooms to store information and to devise plans and procedures.

Miuccia Prada:
Prada is a cotour fashion label, which therfore inspired me to make a cotour and abstract office space for Miuccia. There is a large outdoor area, with many abstract sculptures which set the mood of the brand. The texture on the outside walls is an attempt to portray the Prada hologram. The large entrance and front desk are quite a height above the ground level, where the elevator drops you off, this is representative of the power prada.

Meeting Place:
There is a long, slightly raised walkway to get to the dinning room. My idea of power involves large structures and grande entrances and the long walkway provides this. The dinning room is open, which is representative of the importance of the people on the world and how their lives are public. The large open windows are a metaphor for the media attention Barack and Prada recieve.

Dinning Table for Obama and Prada

The Dinning table is circular as it is a symbol of equality. The cut out sections are where each person respectively sits and allows for a intimate and personal experience.

Draft 2 UT 2004